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The course material is condensed, filtered, and carefully crafted into 22 video lectures

Marketing analyst salaries can reach six figures, but not everyone automatically earns that much. First, you have to have strong analytical skills. Second, you need to know market analytics, which blends marketing, data analysis, and financial modeling. SCANBA created a course that combines all three fields. You’ll learn how to conduct market surveys, analyze the data, find clusters, set product prices, forecast sales and even more. You’ll learn to use Microsoft Excel at a professional level, and be guided through every example to ensure you reach the learning objectives. By the end of the course, you’ll possess the kind of knowledge that’s available only to top market analytics experts.
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  • Market Segmentation

    4 major market segmentation techniques: cross-tabulation, regression, clustering, and conjoint-analysis

  • Price Analytics

    11 pricing techniques, 3 pricing assessment methods and 4 Excel spreadsheet examples

  • Sales Forecasting

    3 major sales forecasting methods, 2 additional extensions to the methods for in-depth analysis, and 5 Excel spreadsheet examples

What Will I Learn?

  • Conduct market segmentation with 4 different techniques and find market segments for their product

  • Set prices for products in the most profitable way using 11 pricing techniques

  • Forecast sales predicting trends and seasonality effects

  • Use IBM SPSS for automated market segmentation

  • Create surveys and use survey responses in market analysis

  • Make financial analysis with NPV and IRR models

  • Use Microsoft Excel at professional level

Course curriculum

The course material is condensed, filtered, and carefully crafted into 22 video lectures, 2h total time.

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SCANBA Certificate

By the end of the course, you will be able to pass an exam and receive a personalized certificate of completion from the Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics.
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SCANBA Certificate