Course curriculum

  • 01
    SQL Overview
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    • Relational databases
    • Data Manipulation with SQL
    • Data Definition with SQL: Part I
    • Data Definition with SQL: Part II
    • file: Data Definition with SQL.sql
    • file: snp500-financials.csv
    • SQL variants FREE PREVIEW
    • SQL Server Installation
    • SQL Server Data Types
    • SQL Overview Quiz
  • 02
    Statistics with SQL
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    • Create Table and Load Data
    • file: Create Table and Load Data.sql
    • file: snp500-company-by-sector.csv
    • Count, Min, Max, Top, and Distinct
    • file: COUNT, MIN, MAX, TOP, and DISTINCT.sql
    • Statistical Functions in SQL
    • file: Statistical Functions in SQL.sql
    • Statistics with SQL Quiz
  • 03
    Data Preparation with SQL
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    • Filtering Data
    • file: Filtering Data.sql
    • Subqueries
    • file: Subqueries.sql
    • Combining Tables: Part I
    • file: Combining Tables - Part I.sql
    • Combining Tables: Part II
    • file: Combining Tables - Part II.sql
    • Creating a View
    • file: Creating a View.sql
    • Grouping and Ordering
    • file: Grouping and Ordering.sql
    • Partitioning
    • file: Partitioning
    • Date and Time: Part I FREE PREVIEW
    • file: Date and Time - Part I.sql
    • Date and Time: Part II FREE PREVIEW
    • file: Date and Time - Part II.sql
    • Data Preparation with SQL Quiz
  • 04
    Programming with SQL
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    • Mathematical Functions
    • file: Variables.sql
    • Variables
    • file: Mathematical Functions.sql
    • Conditional Logic
    • file: Conditional Logic.sql
    • Loops
    • file: Loops.sql
    • Custom Functions
    • file: Custom Functions.sql
    • Programming with SQL Quiz
  • 05
    Connecting Data Analytics Software
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    • Exporting Data
    • Connecting Excel with GUI
    • Connecting Excel with VBA
    • file: Connecting-Excel-with-VBA.xlsm
    • Connecting IBM SPSS Statistics
    • Connecting R
    • file: Connecting-R.r
    • Connecting Python
    • file:
    • Connecting Data Analytics Software Quiz
  • 06
    SCANBA Certificate
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    • How to apply for the SCANBA Certificate

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With this course, you’ll learn exactly what skills matter when using SQL for data analysis. You will learn how to use the top-notch technologies available in Microsoft SQL Server, the math behind the statistical functions, how to write your custom functions effectively, transform the data, and connect it with analytics software. 

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